4 Facts about ADHD and insomnia

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It is not uncommon for people with ADHD to suffer from insomnia. ADHD and insomnia is strongly connected and for some people quite inseparable. In fact, reports demonstrate that 25 percent to 50 percent of children with ADHD also suffer from sleep problem. Adults with ADHD also report the same problem. Sleep problem range from having difficulty falling asleep to changing sleep patterns to restless sleep. If you are suffering from Adhd and insomnia, here are four facts that you might find interesting, informative and helpful.

The relationship between ADHD and insomnia can be caused by biological, behavioral, psychological or other conditions. Thus, first, biologically, ADHD and insomnia are connected because the biological clock or the circadian rhythm of people with ADHD is irregular unlike those who do not have ADHD. In the same way that brain circuitry may be the problem with people with ADHD, the same circuitry affects their circadian rhythm. This explains the biological basis of ADHD and insomnia.

Second, behaviorally, ADHD and insomnia is connected because of hyperactivity. People with ADHD are hyperactive. This hyperactive behavior affects their sleep. As they are hyperactive the whole day, this makes them even more restless at night. In some cases, the inability to settle down can keep one from falling asleep at the right time. This then results in lack of good nights sleep. During the day, the person will be even more restless because of lack of sleep. This then creates a vicious cycle of hyperactivity, restlessness and lack of goodnights sleep.

Third, is psychological or other conditions associate with ADHD. In this case, ADHD and insomnia can be explained by the relationship between what is going on in the mind and emotion of the person with ADHD. One example is depression. Depression is common among people with ADHD. If the person is suffering from depression which is brought about by his ADHD, then he will certainly have problem sleeping. Even though he may not actually suffer from depression but is suffering from anxiety, which is also common in people with ADHD, the constant worrying about what happened that day or what will happen tomorrow may keep one from having a restful sleep.

Fourth, ADHD medication may also have adverse effects on the individual. One side effect of his medication may be insomnia. As such, one of the best treatment for ADHD and insomnia is testosterone therapy which is offered by testosterone restoration in Fort Lauderdale or testosterone therapy fort lauderdale clinics. Testosterone can best address the problem of both ADHD and insomnia because those with low testosterone manifest the same symptoms as ADHD. For more details, you should talk to low testosterone treatment doctors. Many of them have helped men with ADHD. You can ask your doctor Fort Lauderdale to refer you to a testosterone treatment Fort Lauderdale clinic. Helpful info also found here: www.browarddoc.com

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