Comunicación Política Managers Help Their Candidates Win Elections

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Before digital comunicación política became popular with political campaign managers, many comunicación política managers relied upon a variety of traditional marketing strategies to capture and retain voters for their political candidates. One of the most popular of these traditional marketing strategies by which comunicación política managers captured and retained voters for their politicians consisted of placing print ads in newspapers, magazines, professional journals, and other print publications which circulated around the country; these print ads were not just designed to win votes for individual candidates but were also designed to garner support from the public for new laws that the candidates and their comunicación política managers wanted to pass.

Another one of the most popular of these traditional marketing strategies by which comunicación política managers garnered support for their candidates from the public consisted of installing large and ornate billboards along the sides of major interstate highways and in busy city intersections. These billboards were designed to capture the attention of busy motorists as they zoomed along the highways and through the busy city intersections, desperately trying to make it to work before the clock in the middle of town struck nine o’clock in the morning. These comunicación política managers relied so extensively upon these billboards because their comunicación política instructors once told them that the field of comunicación política combines communications and political science to analyze how information spreads and influences political decisions and behaviors, and they were also told that billboards were the perfect means of comunicación política for this science.

These traditional marketing strategies once helped thousands upon thousands of candidates win their elections. Today, however, digital marketing strategies such as internet marketing have rendered these traditional marketing and campaigning strategies (as well as the comunicación política managers who proposed them) obsolete and unnecessary. How can candidates expect to win popular support for their causes using these print ads and billboards now that more than half of all Americans learn about their political news from internet sources such as Google news. Additionally, how can candidates expect to capture voters for their causes using these traditional marketing strategies now that more than 12 percent of Americans connect with politicians through their Facebook pages? Incidentally, these figures have increased dramatically over the last decade; after all, only six percent of voters connected with their favorite politicians through Facebook in 2004. Consequently, many candidates who want to be elected have elected to fire their old comunicación política managers and hire dedicated digital comunicación política managers who understand the value of social media and other internet marketing strategies. For example, many of these new comunicación política managers have hired political campaign strategists to work with the dedicated political marketing team at Twitter, which is the only team who works on only one industry at that entire site.

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