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How to brand your business

Did you know that over half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones? Interestingly, a big part of attracting customers from search engines has to do with branding your company, and things like creative packaging design truly can make a difference.

On that note, custom packaging design allows a company to set its product aside from the rest, giving it a recognizable face. Many people actually care deeply about product packaging, so when a company packages its products in a special, unique way, it allows the customer to associate the packaging with that company.

Studies actually show that simplistic packaging has attracted customers to products in recent years. A little over three-fifths of consumers actually say they prefer a brand that offers custom content and custom products as well. Therefore, a company that has simple, yet rememberable packaging design is more likely to do business than a company with lackluster design.

One of the most successful brands in the world is Coca-Cola, because of their popular images and large advertisement campaigns. Not every company can be Coca-Cola, and in fact companies would do better to make their own logo and brand, but look to Coca-Cola as an example of establishing an identity in the business world.

At the end of the day, one of the main things a company can do to stick out is to be unique. Packaging design and branding are just two of the many ways in which a company can stand out and be more successful than their competitors. Find out more here.

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