Are You Heading to Houston?

Houston tour

Are you planning a romantic get away to Houston, Texas? Maybe you are getting away with your family to see one of the gems of Texas. Either way, you need to make sure you have an idea of what you want to do ahead of time. After all, planning is not only the key to saving money but the key to making sure you make the most of your time. If you are looking for great ideas to make your Houston tour amazing, here are four of the best.

  • Visit the Museum District
  • One of the things people are most surprised about when they decide to visit Houston is the city’s amazing variety of museums. Houston’s museum district plays home to a wide variety of museums. The Museum of Fine Arts and the Contemporary Arts museum have lovers of the aesthetic covered. If your family are more fans of science and animal life, then the Houston Museum of Natural Science is something you cannot miss on your Houston tour.

  • Catch a Live Show
  • Most people assume that if they are not in New York or Los Angeles, then there is nothing in the way of live entertainment to see. However, when you tour Houston, you open yourself up to a wide variety of theatrical possibilities. One of the most well loved attractions in the Big Heart is the Alley Theatre. Since 1946, the Alley Theatre has brought locals and visitors looking for Houston events a huge variety of live entertainment, musical or otherwise. The venue is currently running Venus in Fur to rave reviews. However, it is the location’s famed take on Dickens’s Christmas Carol that locals and tourists look to year after year.

  • Have a Space Adventure!
  • Whether your children are fans of science fiction or you have always wanted to play out your dream of being an astronaut, Space Center Houston, the visitor center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, has something for you. This is often cited as one of the highlights of all Houston tours. After all, visitors can watch astronauts train, enter a realistic flight simulation in the “Feel of Space”, and much more.

  • Don’t Neglect Your Stomach
  • With everything the Magnolia City has to offer, it can be easy to forget about other important things; like eating. Lucky for its locals and visitors alike, Houston has a culinary scene as delicious as it is varied. Underbelly, located on Westheimer, is known for its modern take on classic American dishes. Of course, being in Texas, families heading out on Houston tours can also get some great Mexican food. According to the Houston Chronicle, few, if any, Houston establishments serve better Mexican fare than Hugo’s, also located on Westheimer.

As you can see, a Houston tour can afford you a huge variety of entertaining, educational, and culinary delights. However, before you head anywhere, be sure you do your research on prices, hours, and any other pertinent information. It can be the difference between a successful trip and a bust. Happy travels!

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