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Judges, police officers and juries are all considered to be -makers.

Criminal law defines what behaviors constitute a violation of the law in an area. To be able to find a certain behavior illegal, a person must be in violation of any of the criminal laws. If they break the law the person is considered someone who is a criminal.

All people, regardless of their status as law abiding is protected by the laws governing criminals. That is, you’re not actually illegal until you have violated the laws. It is possible to avoid criminal violations by knowing the basic principles of the criminal law.

Understanding the criminal law can also ensure that you protect your rights as a human being under the law. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty. It is also important for people to recognize that breaking a law will do not make you automatically illegal.

The act of engaging in illicit behavior is considered to be an offense. The actions may cause injury to another person as well as the fabric that makes up society. The law must define any action as criminal who want to define it as in the sense of a crime. Contact a criminal lawyer if you have questions or require assistance from a lawyer.


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