Blackberry Mobile Device Management Streamlines Corporate BYOD Initiatives

Blackberry mobile device management

Companies have long seen the benefits of using wireless mobile devices. The security concerns and other aspects were at first prohibitive, but things like Blackberry mobile device management now make the feat more achievable. Using software for Blackberry’s, smartphones for using phone functions and checking email, etc., it is possible to gain a number of benefits. Companies also benefit because smartphone users have a tendency to go beyond their work schedule, as 70 percent check work email even after normal business hours, on a regular basis. One aspect of Blackberry mobile device management that has captured the attention of corporate users is the BES policy, a BES is a Blackberry Enterprise Server. This is software for IT departments to manage and control Blackberry devices from a functional and security point of view.

Blackberry mobile device management add another level of security to devices technology experts say already have a high security level. The software needed can be implemented in many ways. So many security programs are out there that it can be a matter of choice to decide which one to use. Others are tailored for the product or application. Specific security solutions are often needed when using a mobile device with work; third party mobile device management software providers are often available to meet this need. In addition to the ability to set a Bes security policy, allowing policies such as passwords and permission to use apps and games, the Blackberry comes with other benefits. These include its physically integrated QWERTY keyboard. It is therefore suitable for a number of business purposes, aided by the presence of effective Blackberry mobile device management.

With solid security measures in place, companies are more accepting of using mobile devices, and even letting employees user their own. This is called Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. It has been proven to increase productivity of workers and reduce the amount of paperwork needed on a regular basis for business operations. The accuracy of billing and record keeping are increased, while visibility into individual and departmental matters is added upon. The ultimate benefits come into play when a business has the ability for Blackberry mobile device management. All that are needed are the right software protocols and a company can be up and running with its mobile device initiatives in no time. The long term benefits will outweigh any concerns in the immediate future because security woes of the past have been thoroughly addressed by technology experts.

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