Blogger, A Whole World In Itself

Blogger is a medium which publishes blogs that is a source allowing multi-user and private weblogs to put up their entries. The system of blogger was launched on August 23, 1999 but got major break-through in 2003. It is the first such blog publishing support which can be given all the credit for facilitating in promoting the format.

After the blogger was launched, a lot of development occurred which took it to the height of use and popularity. In 2004, a major redesign of blogger was introduced in which new features were added such as separate archive pages for posts, web standard criticism prototypes, remarks and observations, and post by email. The latest version of blogger was launched on August 14, 2006. After this latest version, blogger claimed to be providing more reliable service due to better quality of servers. In 2007 blogger claimed a prestigious achievement when it was ranked 16th among top 50 domains in terms of distinctive visitors. New patterns and redesigning of the website was introduced in 2010 and this modification was criticized for having less quality of dependability than previously.

Blogger is accessible in 50 different languages of the world. Due to its global presence, people love to use this forum to speak out their hearts and minds en masse. There are a lot many features which the users use the most. The most common feature is that the users can choose different templates to bejewel their forum. The newly designed templates are usually offered by this one of the biggest blogging forum allowing the users to select their page from diverse dynamic views. The option of customizing the pages is also an additional and most used feature that makes it more attractive for bloggers to start their pages on this website.

Despite all the positives, this system also has limitations of its own regarding storage of content and bandwidth for the user accounts. These limitations are for various functions for example team members, size of pictures, number of pictures, number of blogs, number of labels, number of posts, blog description, size of pages, stand-alone pages. The recently added limitation is that about the number of posts which can be presented on each page. This may also cause less posts on the main page than that indicated by the user. Other than this, 100 members are allowed for private blogs.

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