Blogging is the New News

The face of media has experienced enumerable changes in the last decade. Following the major shift from newspapers and magazines to television and radio, the internet swooped in to steal the glory. Today, massive amounts of information are being shared online, and blogging has become one of the number one avenues. Blogging, short for weblogging, is the term used to describe the maintenance of sites, usually focused on particular topics, where one or more bloggers share information through frequent updates.

Currently, over 100 million blogs exist on the internet at varying levels of popularity and for a variety of purposes. While some blogs are maintained by companies and serve the dual purposes of sharing information and increasing search engine hits, others are new sources, and still others deal with particular topics like cooking, crafting, or technology. The blogosphere is absolutely massive, and grows every day.

Great blogs are identified by factors like popularity and original content, and the world’s best are often staffed by hundreds of workers all dedicated to the production of quality content and positive user experiences. But with so many quality blogs out there, finding blogs can be intimidating for first time searchers and daunting for those looking to add something new to their feeds.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to discover new blogs. One of the easiest methods begins with good old Google. Google Blogs provides a search specifically within the blogosphere, but it delivers individual posts, making it slightly more difficult to find blogs devoted to one specific topic. Skimming social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can also help users find blogs of interest. Users often link to blog content, and clicking through can open a veritable rabbit hole if you continue to follow links to interesting articles. This can be a great way to find blogs that are interesting not only to you, but to the people you engage with on social media outlets. Blog directories and blogging news sites are another option, providing encyclopedic recall of many quality blogs, usually organized by topic. Such sites are likely to help readers discover blogs from all corners of the internet that might not have been easily found otherwise.

With blogging beginning to eclipse some of the mass media industry, many consumers are engaging with the blogosphere much more than in the past. Though it takes a little scouring to find blogs of interest, the results are more than favorable. Users stand to gain new information about dozens of topics, all at the touch of a button. And that, my friends, is the joy of the internet.

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