Busting Dental Myths – Home Teeth Whitening

Some people may be aware of some aspects of the dental profession However, they may not be able to comprehend the details of dentistry. This video can help break down many of the common myths regarding dentistry.

One of the most common myths is that cavities cannot be reversed can’t be true. There are some cavities that can be reversed dependent on the depth of their cavity. If the cavity is within the enamel, it’s technically reversible. If you need to fill it which means that the hole cannot be reversed.

Another myth claims that teeth with acid will lighten your smile. Acid actually damages your teeth. Though it will take off some yellow substance, the acid will not harm your teeth long-term. There are two alternatives that you have: teeth whitening done in the workplace or at the home.

Braces are also used to fix misaligned or crooked teeth. When the teeth aren’t too crooked but there are other dental issues or spacing, the braces can give you functional advantages that can increase the health and longevity of your teeth.

There is a myth that says knocked-out teeth are permanently. In reality, a knocked down tooth is not a dead tooth. If it’s restored within one hour, then it’s healed. If you are unable to get to the dentist at that time you can place the tooth in whole milk to preserve its health.

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