Four Tips for Finding Intelligent Conversation Online

Did you know that 30 percent of teens have met online friends in real life? Many people are realizing that the internet can be a way to find friends, not just near them but from around the world. Finding people to have good conversation with can be difficult, however. Here are some tips for finding intelligent conversation online.

First, although chat rooms are so 2005, people still use them, and you might be able to find someone worth having an extended conversation with. The key is to look in specific interest chats. If you are just joining chat rooms that are labeled Hang Out, you will have to weed through a lot of prospects. If you go to a chat room for your favorite video game, you are a lot more likely to find someone who shares common interests and wants to talk at length.

Second, if you are looking for romantic online conversation, there are a lot of free or paid for websites that can help you with this. Just keep in mind that you are interacting with real people, who deserve the same respect that anyone you would talk to in real life should get. If you would not proposition someone you just met with unmentionable pictures in real life, do not do it on the internet. Start by asking polite questions about interests.

Third, an intelligent online conversation does not have to be one where you agree on everything. In fact, your mind might be more stimulated by having a conversation with someone you disagree with, in full or in part. Looking on message boards and for chat topics about current events are good starting places.

Fourth, if you decide to move online conversations offline, just remember to take things slow and keep safety measures in place. Meet in a crowded place and remember that no one is exactly the same as their online persona. That is not so much about appearance, as it is about personality. Be ready to accept the real life quirks your friend has.

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