Consistently Relapsing? Head to a Detox Facility to Defeat a Harmful Addiction

Drug detox facilities

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMSHA, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, defines detoxification as, “a set of interventions aimed at managing acute intoxication and withdrawal. Supervised detoxification may prevent potentially life threatening complications that might appear if the patient was left untreated.” In order to get the proper treatments, individuals trying to overcome drug or alcohol addiction might need to head to one of the detox facilities they have access to. The best detox facilities will be able to provide the care and advice that anyone might need to overcome their addiction and get healthy.

In 2011, 30 percent of men and 13.9 percent of women aged 12 and older reported binge drinking, which means having five or more drinks on the same occasion, in the past month. This could lead to a habit that will cause an individual to have to visit alcohol detox facilities in their future. Naltrexone was approved for treating alcohol dependence in 1994, after the publication of the first two randomized, controlled trials in 1992. Though it can be helpful, many individuals will still need to head to detox facilities in order to break their alcohol habits.

Of the new illicit drug users, more than half begin with smoking marijuana, which is followed prescription pain relievers and inhalants, which are most common among younger teens. If an individual gets addicted, they might have to head to detox facilities in order to receive help getting clean. Drug detox facilities will know how to handle individuals who are highly dependent on drugs, regardless of what they might be, and are therefore an excellent resource for individuals looking to get healthy. Anyone struggling to break their addiction on their own might find they help they need at a reliable detox center.

One of the primary reasons why an individual might have to visit detox facilities to break a drug addiction is the fact that withdrawal symptoms are difficult to overcome. The symptoms of a drug withdrawal can be painful and difficult to endure, so many individuals will need to find professional medical help from detox facilities while detoxing. Luckily, drug detox centers will be able to provide some comfort for an individual going through challenging withdrawal systems to make the process easier. That service could make the difference between relapsing and getting clean.

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