Cosmetic Dental Surgery Is So Much More

Dental implant surgery

Dentures, dental implants, Invisalign. What do all these things have in common? Well, a few things. For one, they are all examples of cosmetic dentistry. Secondly, they all tend to be a little more on the expensive side. And thirdly, none of these cosmetic procedures are covered by dental insurance.

The average patient of cosmetic dentistry spends anywhere between 5,000 and 6,000 dollars in order to improve their smiles. Half of these patients are between the ages of 41 and 60 years old, which is the age that dentures are most commonly needed.

Now, why would a dental accessory such as dentures not be covered by insurance? The word “cosmetic” is how dental insurance companies get around covering such necessities. This is a pretty slippery word though, is it not? There are plenty of serious health complications that come along with not receiving such cosmetic procedures.

For example, consider the social degradation which can come from a patient that does not receive dentures or dental implant surgery. There are many social implications which directly affect physical and emotional health due to cosmetic issues.

If an individual does not have a healthy smile, there is a good chance they could lose or not acquire a necessary job, which means they are unable to put dinner on the table. The mental health complications arise from being socially shunned due to lacking teeth or having crooked teeth. These procedures are simply not purely cosmetic.

Tooth loss is fairly common in people under the age of 35 as well. Such cases that call for dentures in this demographic are a result of athletic trauma, fights, or accidents. However, the same health risks apply to younger people missing teeth.

Along with dentures, mini dental implants are used to replace missing teeth…only on a smaller scale. If you are missing one or a couple teeth, an implant can be fastened to the socket. The minimally invasive surgery is conducted under local anesthetic. Once the implant is connected to the socket of the missing tooth, the jawbone is given the chance to heal around it over the following 12 weeks, which securely anchors the implant to the jaw.

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