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What tire is the best fit for you? This video will show you everything about tractor tires.

Be aware of the differentiators among different types of wheels. One of them is R1 agricultural tire. These tires have a V-shaped tread. The tread is classic. Similar designs with a V-shaped pattern can be seen within the R4. The tread , however, is wider and flatter. The R3 differs significantly because it ditches that V-shaped tread. Instead, it is adorned with a variety of smaller patterns that make it great for lawns. HDAP tires are heavy-duty , all-purpose tires. They’re hybrid tires. There is also the Carlisle Versaturf tire.

Every type of tire has its own distinct characteristics. for example, R4 tires work well for small-sized tractors. They are also durable and work in numerous situations. When it comes to lawn maintenance or gardening, R3 tires can be utilized. However, they don’t work well off the lawn. A majority of farmers utilize R1 tires on their equipment. Like you can see, there are many different uses for R1 tires.


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