Fence Installation Over Uneven Ground – Home Improvement Videos


It’s not as simple to put a few wooden planks on the soil. To make a fence look like it actually belongs in your yard, it needs be able to adapt to bumpy terrain. In this video, we will go over the basics of fence installation with bumpy ground.

A possible option could be a fence with an evenly-spaced top line with gaps in between the bottom and the terrain in one location. Another option is to alter the bottom for the irregular terrain and end up having a very messy with a sloping top.

It’s usually a better idea to choose the first option because it’s more attractive visually. It is also possible to cover any gaps making use of soil. If the terrain is extremely difficult, then this option might not work.

An alternative is to consider. Custom fencing can be constructed that permits you to put it into certain zones and then go up on other sections. It is possible that there are gaps at the bottom however, custom fencing is the best solution for terrain that is uneven.

Real fencing professionals are the ideal way to have the best fence. Get recommendations from them or look up reviews on the web. For additional information on fencing in uneven terrain, watch the video mentioned above.


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