Four Fun Facts About Jackson Hole Wyoming Real Estate

Real estate jackson hole wyoming

There are fun facts about virtually every town in America. But Jackson Hole Wyoming in particular is a real gem. There is lots of history here, and tons of beauty too. Read on for some interesting facts about the town itself and about the cool Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate properties … including Jackson Hole luxury real estate options … for sale too.

Fun fact No. 1 about Jackson hole wyoming real estate: Not too many people live there. In fact, the town has the second lowest density in terms of population in the country, with 563,000 residents. If you seek solitude and a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, come here to check out Jackson Hole land for sale or Jackson Hole homes for sale. Build new, or find something that is already there and established.

Fun fact No. 2 about Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate: There are really low tax burdens. There is no corporate income tax and no personal state income tax in Wyoming, so from a tax perspective the Wyoming Taxpayers Association reports that only one other state has a lower personal tax burden than people living in Wyoming (which makes for happier residents too). With no corporate state income tax and no inventory tax to speak of … and with a very low sales and use tax rate of 4 percent and a lower 2 percent optional county tax … people living and working here have a decidedly lower tax situation on their hands. Follow their lead and invest in some beautiful Jackson Hole WY real estate.

Fun fact No. 3 about Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate: Almost everything else is cheaper too. The energy costs are very low throughout Wyoming, and so are the operating costs. Plus, those living in the state are extremely well educated, so the people working here are strong, solid, good workers. Join them (or employ them) to get some seriously high productivity.

Fun fact No. 4 about Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate: It is surrounded by beauty. The town itself is named for a valley that is approximately 80 miles long and approximately 15 miles wide, and boy is it beautiful. Jackson is a town in that valley and is separate from the town of Jackson Hole, but both are stunning in their beauty. Look at Jackson hole real estate for sale where you get to see some of this beauty up close.

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