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The 2012 Google Penguin algorithm update only affected about 3.1% of queries. However, it did have an impact on the search engine industry as a whole. Before it, SEO professionals could publish thin content that offered relatively little and still earn high rankings on search engine results pages. But recent survey data from Conductor shows that the main goal for businesses who use SEO is developing a stronger content development strategy. In order to do that, marketers should find and take advantage of SEO tips and tricks geared towards content creation that can be found in SEO techniques blogs and websites like Website Magazine and Search Engine Land.

Stay Topical

For the most part, when search engine users click on a link, they will be looking for specific information. This means that they will not want to read articles full of facts and opinions that have nothing to do with what they are looking for. While being creative is always a good idea, diverting too far off topic can be detrimental. So one of the best SEO tips content writers should use is to make sure that their blogs and articles maintain focus.

Watch Density

Before Penguin, it might have been easy for content developers to simply jam keywords into blogs and articles over and over again, even if that meant causing the overall quality to take a dip. But today, doing so is not a good idea since search engines try to identify that sort of thing. Because of that, any SEO tips blogs should include advice about managing keyword density and avoiding writing that looks like SEO content.

Produce Original Content

Duplicate content might have worked in the past when it came to earning higher rankings on search engines, but that is certainly no longer the case. In fact, websites could get punished for that sort of thing by the algorithms that search engines now use. While writing all original content might be more time consuming, it is a must not only for SEO, but also for giving consumers a positive shopping experience.

Add Meta Descriptions

Good SEO techniques blogs should also provide specific advice like how to add meta descriptions. Though they are just 150 words or so, they help algorithms recognize content and increase its value. Plus, they help give readers a head’s up of what is to come. That combination makes adding meta descriptions a feature that every top 10 seo tricks list should include.

There are lots of tips and tricks that the best SEO techniques blogs can provide beyond these four. As a result, they are a great resource for any business who wants to make sure that the SEO content they work to create is useful and helps them earn higher rankings.

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