Fue Hair Transplants- What are They? – SCHUMM

What is the procedure for t? This video provides information on what hair transplants.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) refers to a kind of hair transplant that involves the removal of individual hair follicles off your skin , and moving them to another part of your body with hair that is less dense or nonexistent. FUE has seen more popularity in comparison to the follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedure that led to hair plugs, or the “hair plugs” look. FUE uses tiny punctures to transplant follicles from across your head into regions where hair is thinner or has gone bald. Both hair transplantation methods are permanent. One advantage that comes with FUE can be found in the fact that FUE does not produce a large wound. Instead, it produces numerous tiny wounds that are much less visible in the healing process, which is especially beneficial for people with light hair. However, it may not be able to cover a traditional “strip” hair transplant scar.

The procedure shouldn’t cause pain. The labor involved in Follicular Unit Extraction can prove to lengthy as each donor follicle needs to be taken out using an instrument. The surgery may also cause the patient to feel pain and tenderness.


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