Home Security Systems An Invaluable Investment

Adt alarm system

Home security systems, like Adt alarm systems, are designed to detect intrusion into residential, military, industrial, and commercial properties. Most security alarm systems for homes have a single purpose of burglary protection, but some alarm systems are also equipped with fire, police, and emergency panic alerts.

Single family homes are the highest targeted homes by burglars. Single family homes are the most targeted homes because they often have greater rewards and have multiple entry points. Multiple entry points are more difficult to secure, making it easy for a burglar to bypass security systems.

Most burglars live within two miles of their victims and may even know their victims. The typical burglar is under 25 years of age. Houses targeted within two miles of the home of the burglar are generally a comfort zone. The burglar feels comfortable in the neighborhood, where to check, where to hid out.

Serving over 6.4 million customers, Adt home security systems is the largest security company throughout Canada and the United States with four monitoring stations in the U.S.

ADT alarm prices vary from a 299 dollar installation fee to a 499 dollar installation fee. Monthly ADT alarm prices vary from 35.99 dollars per month to 57.99 dollars per month.

Whatever the ADT alarm price may be, a home security system is invaluable.

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