How Are Explosion Proof Cameras Installed? – The Buy Me Blog

What are explosive proof cameras? How can they be installed? In this video, you will see an in depth installation procedure of these camera and discover how they work. These are the explosion-proof bullet cameras by Hikvision and are used for any oil rig surveillance, for any company that involves extremely high temperatures, or any dangerous areas. These cameras are easy to setup and install at your location in the warehouse or in oil rigs.

If you are dealing with dangerous materials, explosive resistant cameras are crucial. The cameras can withstand an blast and be able to show the cause of it. This can be very important in terms of liability as well to prove the incident takes place. If you have a job as a manager for an organization that deals with hazardous materials you purchase one of these cameras. Go through this whole video to discover, step-by- procedure, how these cameras can be installed as well as the ease with which it’s possible for you to do it for yourself.


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