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erial used for driveways. Professional asphalt contractors are required for the job correctly. In this video, you can see how they accomplish their task to install your asphalt driveway.

The preparation of the driveway’s sub-grade or base is the beginning process. It is essential that the dirt underneath the driveway is level for water drainage away from the house. The water must be also drained from the asphalt.

The gravel and rocks will be taken away. Contractors will get rid of whatever they think is moving beneath their feet. Sand, clay as well as topsoil can be eliminated using roadbase, limestone, or similar materials, and then placed in.

Driveways shouldn’t be crowned, also. A steady pitch should exist from each edge. The act of reclaiming asphalt could cause premature damage, and bad contractors make use of this to get homeowners off.

The subgrade then gets made compact by rolling. A herbicide is then applied in order to make sure that weeds do not harm the driveway. Asphalt is then installed with an asphalt paver machine to ensure uniform the thickness and the smoothness.

When everything is put in place and compacted it’ll be sealed so your driveway is now ready for use! For more details follow the link for the video above.


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