How Does LIDAR Work? –

However, how do LIDAR solutions actually function? Let’s examine the technology, and then see how it functions.
LIDAR is an abbreviation for light detection and moving. Lasers are used to measure the elevations of objects like as earth, trees, or buildings. It’s a lot like SONAR that uses the sound waves to map out surroundings and RADAR using radio waves to map surroundings. LIDAR utilizes light in the form lasers, to create maps of specific locations.
Three primary methods are available for collecting LIDAR data: on the ground, by air, or by satellite. LIDAR data can be gathered using a plane, which is the most popular method. This is referred to as airborne LIDAR, and it’s typically employed to mark out large woodland areas, where it’s hard to get a good view of the ground.
Airborne LIDAR is also used in smaller amounts. Land surveyors and companies in the construction industry generally employ drones to gather data about the specific location. This is used for surveying the land of farms as well as buildings. s5nvhckdis.

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