how Exactly Does a Dentist Fill a Cavity – Life Cover Guide

In order to determine the size of the tooth cavity, it is necessary to take X-rays. The dentist will then apply some saltwater to your mouth . This will numb. To aid the dentist in reaching your cavities better you can use foam wedges used to place them in your mouth.

The dentist can remove the decay. The drill can cause an abundance of water. In order to prepare the tooth for filling, a filler is put on the tooth.

The filling material is then put in the place. It can be either a metal amalgam or a blend of quartz and glass. It is possible to spend lots on gold or porcelain fillings when you’ve got the money.

Once the material is put in, you can check the bite. Your filling will be cut or made into a shape to make your bite comfortable. Fillings can be dry with a light curing process once it’s safe for eating. It’s common for fillings that are new to feel sore for one up to 2 days. i5c1igvrj4.

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