How Measure For Your New Custom Window Shades – SCHUMM

This video will explain the steps to measure windows in order to make custom shades and how to coordinate your shades.

The measuring step is a crucial part of making custom windows. The best option is to call an expert to take the measurements for you. A majority of blinds companies offer the possibility of a meeting prior to installing them to estimate the measurement to you. Then again, if you are more interested in doing things your own way, here are a couple points to bear in your mind:

Make use of a measuring stick made of steel
Measure to the nearest 1/8th of an inch
Does it fall within 1/16th of an inch round down

First, measure the size and width of the windows. Following that, you’ll need to note the height, and you’ll have to be sure to take note of the depth of the pane. Also, it is important to establish where and the best way the blind hardware will be installed. These are just a few of the steps you can follow to make your customized shaded windows quickly. oyere6meui.

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