How talking online became mainstream

It used to be that finding intelligent conversation online was an incredibly taboo thing. People use to engage in intelligent online conversation in secret. If they did if often, it was quite likely that they did not go around broadcasting it to their friends and family. Most of these people engaging in intelligent conversation online were never doing anything wrong, but they still were private about it because it had not yet been accepted by the mainstream. Over the past dozen years, seeking out an enjoying intelligent conversation online broke through and became the new norm.

One of the biggest reasons that seeking out and engaging in intelligent conversation online became accepted was because of the incredibly fast pace of technology. In just a few years, people went from waiting for several minutes for a webpage to load, to high speed internet that could bring them immense amounts of data very quickly. This resulted in easier access for many more people to the internet and online chatting opportunities.

Another reason for the rapid rise of intelligent conversation online was the gradual dominance of social media. From Friendster and Myspace to Facebook, Reddit and Twitter, social media websites grew at a steady pace, eventually drawing in hundreds of millions of people from across the globe. Many of these individuals were younger, and more accepting of the idea of engaging in intelligent conversation online.

Finally, intelligent conversation online also led to many networking opportunities for those looking to make a living on the internet. For some people, it was all about networking their blogs and finding like minded writers. For others, it became a way to secure business connections across the planet. one thing for certain is that today talking with people online is a normal and accepted part of society that shows no signs of dissipating any time in the foreseeable future.

Author: Julie

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