How to Hang a Window Curtain Rod – Family Issues Online

You can set the llow to guard your space from dangerous UV rays and to ensure security. You can also choose from many colours and styles to make your home appear more appealing. But window curtains or curtain rods can be difficult. Learn how.

First thing take note of is measuring the width and length of the window. Add two to five more inches to the width for a partial coverage. For total coverage increase the width by eight to fifteen inches.

Locate the studs within your walls using a stud locater and be sure to utilize wall anchors. For preventing curtain rods which are more than 4 feet wide or very thin from falling down to the side, a center hang recommended. The rod should be placed four inches from the edge in the window. It is possible to place it further, but be aware about the length of your curtains.

You will need to vary the size of the panels, based upon whether you’re using them as curtains to enhance your decor or to serve a purpose. For more installation tips, check out the video linked above.


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