How to Install Vinyl Floor Coverings – Family Game Night

The hetic options for hardwood flooring. Vinyl floors are similar to hardwood flooring. Vinyl floors consist of several layers. Also, they are available as plank forms.
This video demonstrates how to install vinyl floor covering.

How to install flooring made of vinyl:
1. Cleanse the room and make sure that the flooring is straight. Get rid of the half-round moldings and the doorway-to-doorway transition pieces.
2. In order to determine the number of planks will be needed determine the size of your space, take measurements. An 3D rendering could be made to help show how the planks fit.
3. Each board has an elongated tongue and groove, which is tapped into place, so starting on the left makes it easier to fit the boards together.
4. Remove the doorjamb from the bottom of the door, and the baseboard so the planks slide effortlessly beneath for a more neat look.
5. Make use of wedge spacers on planks which need to be secured against the wall by 1/4 inch all around.
6. To avoid scraps, make the most of your flooring.
7. Replace the quarter-round molding (plug into the baseboard and not into the flooring).

Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and waterproof. lcto75y2fh.

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