Intelligent Conversation Online is Not an Oxymoron

Socializing over the internet has become a favorable pastime to people who are not even hermits. Yes, normal, well socialized human beings enjoy the convenience of online conversation. Unfortunately, the speed of life today, combined with asinine online videos, morally corrupt reality television, and insipid social media posts has led to a depletion of intellectualism among the American populace. Finding intelligent conversation online among the vacant headed masses may, indeed, seem challenging. Luckily, there are select social networking sites aimed at the lonely intellectual.

It seems as though people have grown tired of bars and clubs. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are expensive and that the crowds can be increasingly annoying and boorish. Sometimes intelligent conversation online is more desirable than searching for intelligent life among the masses. Think about it. How fun is it to talk with people who are so intellectually vacant that conversation focuses on silly reality housewives or the latest legal troubles of starlets who are famous for something that their mommy or daddy did?

Though one might feel that the phrase intelligent online conversation is an oxymoron, it is not. Websites and social media sites that cater to scholars and closet intellectuals, alike, have very high standards to gain access to their website. While a Mensa card automatically gets one in, it is not essential. So there is hope for the less pompous intellectual. Each person who wishes to gain access to intelligent conversation online can choose an admissions test that is best suited to his or her intellectual field. Such intellectual areas that one can choose to be admitted into the select community of intelligent conversation online include Ancient Summarian Code, Applied Etruscan Linguistics, Differential Equations, and Derridean Philosophy, among others.

Though it is not widely discussed, there are many internet users who yearn for intelligent conversation online. Unfortunately, contemporary American culture does not care too much for, nor do they value, intellectuals who exist outside the field of the computers and computer science. They have no need for intellectualism nor intelligent conversation online. For those intellectuals who lurk in the distant, shadowy corners that exist on the fringes of modern American culture, there is intelligent conversation online available to them. Ultimately, many who seek intelligent coversation online will find that they are not so alone in being alone.

Author: Julie

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