Is Cannabis More Dangerous Than It Leads On?

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The most socially acceptable of the illegal drugs in America is marijuana. The National Survey on Drug Use and health reported in 2009 that 28.5 million Americans from age 12 and up had smoked weed at least once that year and 11.5 percent of American citizens have smoked in the last year. That means more than 25 million Americans were stoned.
It may seem strange at first to hear somebody say, “I have been suffering from cannabis withdrawal symptoms,” or, “I am a marijuana addict,” but there are most definitely some negative aspects of the narcotic which often go unknown.
Although early versions of the declaration of independence were drafted on hemp paper, hemp as a material is very different from marijuana abuse and cannabis withdrawal symptoms. Although many people do suffer reported cannabis withdrawal symptoms, it is important to acknowledge that not every pot smoker is a cannabis addict.
Is marijuana addictive? that is a hard thing to say for sure, but there do seem to be cannabis withdrawal symptoms. About 46.9 percent of former marijuana smokers said they suffered from sleep disruption problems such as insomnia and vivid, disturbing dreams or nightmares since they ceased to toke. On a related note, the American Journal of Epidemiology followed, for 3 years, 4,045 people who did not have psychosis and eventually concluded that pot smokers are 3 times more likely to develop psychotic symptoms than non pot smokers.
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