Learn How to Remove Shingles Before Doing Any Roof Repair – Do it Yourself Repair

It is possible for one sheet to be changed. The first step is to take off any existing shingles before you apply the new ones. YouTube creator Gary Jones tells you how to get rid of the old roof tiles.

It’s safer to let commercial roofing contractors do the work when you’re new to roofs or have balance issues.

It is necessary to have a flat bar or a hammer pair of pliers, as well as knives with knife that retracts. The shingle usually comes in one piece. You must take away the whole sheet to get an unharmed shingle. To see the connections to the roof, you need to lift the shingle by using the flatbar. Usually, this is with roofing staples. Take out the staples by placing an aluminum flat bar beneath the staple and tapping the Hammer. When staples are loosen, you can remove with pliers.

Shingle sheets that are seriously damaged are easily removed without having to cut staples or nails. Some shingles you may have to cut out by cutting them out using a utility knife. rracogar44.

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