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It is important to be familiar with things And even little things will help people who have issues with memory retention remember the most important details. 2. Diabetes About one-four adults who are over 60 suffer from diabetesand the disease can place them at risk of developing issues. It has been proven that diabetes can lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia since diabetes can cause problems with the brain’s structure over the course of time, creating problems when it comes to memory, reasoning and the ability to learn. A high blood sugar level can aggravate flu symptoms and lead to complications such as pneumonia or bronchitis. Patients with diabetes that are elderly may suffer from vision issues for example, glaucoma and retinopathy. Help your family members manage their the effects of diabetes. You can help them keep to a healthy weight, and increase their diet. Your loved one is expected to be able check their sugar levels during every day. This will ensure it doesn’t fall too low or increase too high. Make sure to help your loved ones make each appointment, and visit with their healthcare team. An internal medicine physician can check for diabetes and assist in stop the problems from becoming into a crisis. If your loved ones are experiencing memory difficulties It is possible to go along to the appointments together in order to make sure everything doctors say is recalled. It’s a great idea to take notes at the appointments so you don’t lose any details. When you have diabetes, you’ll need to be sure that your loved ones are eating well to help manage the condition. It is important to limit your intake of carbohydrates and sugar. Assist them when they cook their meals and even preparing their meal.

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