Make Cabling Easier with ZipTies

Small rubber grommets

If you are doing cabling in your house, there are a few things you will need to make the process easier and more effective. Your local hardware store or online wholesalers will have all your wiring and cabling needs. Finding a cable gland would be useful for securing your cables to equipment you might be mounting. Also, many electrical wires use a conduit to protect wires and they come in metal, plastic, fiber and fired clay, so you can decide which one will work best for you. Depending on the type of conduit and what you want to do, working with conduits can be complicated. Most people call on electricians to do this work for them, because using tools the wrong way can cause serious injury or accidents.

Once the main parts of your wiring and cabling are done, one of the best ways to organize all your cords is by using zip ties. These ties usually have teeth, and the fastener creates friction with the teeth, securing the tie around the wires. The most common tie found in stores and online are nylon zip ties. There are also steel cable ties, but nylon is just as durable and sturdy, and have an integrated gear rack that helps secure cables. You can also find releasable zip ties that make adjusting their grip easier. Nylon zip ties come in generic black and white, but can also purchased in many different colors. Some people use multi-colored nylon zip ties to color coordinate their wires. This makes changing wires and fixing cables more efficient because you will be able to locate the wires quickly. Using zip ties also reduces clutter and the chance that someone will trip over the wiring.

Wiring is not always easy and it can be a messy job. Zip ties can help clean up the wires and make your wiring look presentable. They are also fairly cheap. You can order in bulk online, and local hardware stores carry bags that hold a large quantity. Online stores can ship you 1000 for about 10 dollars, depending on the size of the zip tie. Thicker wires will require long ties to wrap around securely, and will cost you only a few dollars more. With such a small price tag and their efficiency, zip ties are worth the money.

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