Micro Rainbow Mix is a Tasty Addition

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We all just love those tiny little delicate green bits that we get served when dining at our favorite restaurant. Those little bits of micro rainbow mix just add a sense of elegance and flair. While the use of microgreens in restaurants has been very popular, very few of us really know what they are. Microgreens are tiny little leaves that are less than 14 days old. They have a wonderful delicate, fresh appearance and a vibrant taste. A micro rainbow mix also packs more of a nutritional punch that their grown up vegetable counterparts.

You can find a micro rainbow mix from all of the popular varieties of microgreens including beet, chia, radish, kale, broccoli, wasabi, cucumber, and of course, different lettuce varieties. We also see a number of edible flowers that include broccoli, cauliflower, squash blossoms and artichokes. These dainty edible flowers are used in condiments such as dressing, vinegars and syrups. They can also be mixed into cheese or butter for an added special taste.

In addition to micro rainbow mix greens, you can also find a variety of crystallized or caramelized flowers on the tables of many high end eateries. These edible flowers have been soaked in a sugar solution and then dried. They are a beautiful touch to desserts, drinks, or cheese platters. Back in the olden days, medieval monks used to preserved violets in mead and syrup, and then used the product to treat cold and flu. While this may not be done today, imagine seeing a preserved sugared violet floating on a delicate cocktail.

Perhaps you want to use a micro rainbow mix at your next dinner party. You can find plenty of these at farmers markets and at local farms. In addition to the micro rainbow mix, you can find all sorts of micro herbs. A micro rainbow mix can be added to plenty of foods to add a special touch.

Imagine using a micro rainbow mix as an ingredient for sushi rolls. Or how about topping a pizza with a micro rainbow mix to put it over the top? And of course, add microgreens to your favorite sandwich for a blast of flavor.

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