Online Coversations Are Boundless!

Online conversations are taking place all the time! We are seeing how these connections and words exchanged are taking place between people that are perfect strangers. Ironically, we are discovering that the newest in advanced technology is bringing us all much closer and further apart at the same time. This is one of the beauties of technology. Likewise, we are questioning these connections and finding that intelligent conversations online are few and far in between and it is hard to truly feel connected when there is a computer between the two. Finding intelligent conversation online may be difficult but it is not impossible.

Intelligent online conversation can be found depending on where the source of your exchange is. Certain places will either illicit a topic or they will set up an expectation for a topic that would be discussed. Since this is the case most of the time, online conversations can be a choice that people make and their engagement can be one that sets up the parameter for the relationship that two people will have over the computer. Online conversations can allow one to know someone else for exactly who they are rather than allowing the person to be judged simply for their appearance. It is a strange phenomenon when our online conversations must dictate our opinion of one another and we are forced to learn to like or trust someone based on the online conversations we have rather than the physical attributes that one may possess instead. Now it no longer is about materialistic things, but it is about a connection that has been made through various online conversations that are taking place over a long period of time. This is quite amazing, for in some cases we may not know the person next door to us, but we know the person across the country better based on online conversations.

Author: Julie

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