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Canada has a large trucking industry, with around 260,000 drivers and close to 400,000 employees that are related to other positions that involve truck driving. Finding Canada trailer sales is easily done online, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for because there are different variants of trailers that are available. The trucking industry is especially important for the trade industry. Around 66 percent of trades done between Canada and the United States are done with trucks. Some of these trucks pull reefer trailers, which are specifically designed to keep perishable items cool. In fact, reefer trailers are like big refrigerator trailers.

If you’re looking for refrigerated trailers for sale, the internet has the most options available. The United States exports a significant amount of products to Canada, which 80 percent is transported by truck and trailer. Owner operators and trucking companies that are looking for reefer trailers can lease them or purchase them as well. Trades done across the border have risen 71 percent of overall loads sine the month of July in 2012. All goods and materials shipped inside Canada has risen 25 percent of total load volumes. It’s important to research trailer and reefer unit manufacturers to determine who is providing a quality trailer.

Manufacturers that produce reefer trailers should be constantly developing stronger, more durable, and lighter trailers for owner operators and trucking companies. Total loss refrigeration is a type of reefer trailer that utilizes frozen carbon dioxide ice, and in some cases liquid nitrogen is used for cooling as well. In other words, there are different types of reefer trailers to consider, and it’s important for owner operators and trucking companies to make sure they know what they are looking for. Reading reviews about reefer trailers and companies that lease and sell them is especially important if you’re shopping online.

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