Rent A Reefer Trailer In Canada, Since Canadian Trucking Is A $65 Billion Industry

Trailer rentals

Canada trailer sales are back up after a dip in recent years. Most reefer trailers used in Canada are available for rental or lease if you do not need to own one of these refrigerated trailers for sale. A rental trailer or trailer leasing option can be found at a popular reefer trailer business in your province. The best reefer trailer rental service for your use will be the one that is able to rent you a trailer for exactly as long as you need it. These trailers are not cheap, so it is key to your success as a business that you find a great deal on a trailer that will keep your cargo cooled.

When a company needs commercial trailer services, it is possible to lease, rent or buy a trailer, and they can get roadside assistance and other additional services when renting or leasing just as they would if they were to buy the trailer in question. The Montreal Protocol of 1987 banned Freon use in reefer trailers, since the chemical is so bad for the flora and fauna of any area where it is used. There are still a few trailers that use Freon on the road, but most of the trailer teams these days use the environmentally friendly R 134a coolant alternative to Freon. This is among the positive trends for trailer use, as they are also lighter yet sturdier these days, making it easy to haul a load, refrigerated or otherwise.

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