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Api engine oil standards

Ever wonder about engine oil? Motor oil, or engine oil, is essential to keep your car running, performing many functions. Vehicles around the world produced some 3.7 billion gallons (14 billion liters) of used motor oil in 2009, though sadly some of this was disposed of improperly. When used motor oil is dumped improperly, it can form a scum on the top of bodies of water that stops sunlight and oxygen from entering the water. This can kill fish, frogs, plants and other forms of life. Overall, it is advisable to recycle motor oil: according to the EPA, 2 gallons of used oil, if properly recycled, is enough to run the electricity of an average home for 24 hours. Furthermore, it takes 42 gallons of crude oil to produce 2.5 quarts of new, high quality lubricating oil, but recycling just one gallon of used oil produces the same amount.

If you’re wondering about the best engine oil change places is crucial to note that, ultimately, the best engine oil change places are API licensed and adheres to API engine oil standards. In order to be API licensed, car oil change locations need to demonstrate that they meet Api standards. This includes an auditing process to ensure the motor oil received by customers is exactly what they’ve asked for. This program also holds oil distributors and oil change locations accountable if they’re not up to standard. Furthermore, industry members and consumers are encouraged to notify API about questionable products. If you need an oil change, make sure you go to the best engine oil change places: an oil change location that meets API motor oil standards.

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