The Brc Certification That Started It All

Iso 9001 training

When something becomes recalled or someone gets sick people seems like to point a finger at the food industry and say that they have no rules they have to follow and they can do anything to the food without getting into trouble, this accusation holds no truth because the industry has a lot of rules that they have to follow, especially when it comes to the standards in the food manufacturing and food industry.

The statistics are amazing after implementing the brc Certification, while it might seem like a low number roughly, 3,000 Americans alone die from food poisoning each year. That astounding number before the brc certification, the food safety certification or the haccp certification was mandatory in food workers, could have easily been two or three times higher. This was especially true when it came to certain groups of people who have lowered immune systems, like the elderly, newborn infants and pregnant women. A bacterial infections, listeroiris seems to plague those groups the most.

The Brc Certification was the first food safety law that was put into effect, in hopes that it would help with the death statistics that was bearing down on the country due to inadequate. After the Brc Certification was rolled out it opened the door and gave way to new programs such as the nationally used ISO 1400 and the SB 602.

The nationally known ISO 14001 and ISO 14001 certification, as of the year 2010 has been used by over 223,000 organizations and over 155 countries around the world and while it is well known and studied some states, in the U.S. have gone above and beyond and created mandates that they feel will add assistance to the standards to the food industry. Another national implementation was the Food Safety Systems, which is part of Senate Bill 602 was created to have mandated rules and regulations for manufacturers that process items that have long shelf lives, both in the meat and other perishable products.

California has the standard ISO training and Iso 9001 requirements but they also have the California Food Handler Card Law, which is Bill 303, that mandates that each employee who directly deal with the handling of food have their own Food Handler Card, which they feels adds some protection to things that are not covered in the ISO 14001 and the haccp certification.

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