The Complex Problem of ED

Mens wellness

With the challenges faced by our modern age such as the obesity epidemic, mens wellness is an important issue. There are many different parts of being healthy. We need to be mentally, physically, spiritually healthy, as well as (and to some most importantly) sexually healthy. Sadly, one in ten men will suffer at some point in their lives from erectile dysfunction.

The reasons we need to be healthy on every front is because each aspect is interconnected to the others. Erectile dysfunction can cause low self esteem, which makes us mentally and spiritually unhealthy, as well as give men performance anxiety, which can hurt relationships and cause us physical pain, in addition to depression and stress.

You see, achieving a normal erection is actually a complex process that involves psychological impulses from the brain, adequate levels of testosterone (the male sex hormone), a functioning nervous system, and also an adequate and healthy vascular tissue in the penis. So you can see why mens wellness needs to be kept up on all fronts.

There are three physiological factors that can cause ED, and ruin mens wellness. Firstly, if there is not enough blood flows into the penis, this can develop into erectile dysfunction. Another reason might be because the penis cannot store blood during an erection. Lastly, nerve signals from the brain or spinal cord do not reach the penis.

As we have talked about how ED can hurt other parts of mens wellness, the inverse is true as well. Men might be treating other problems with prescriptions, but these medicines can cause erection difficulties as a side effect.

Thankfully, there are many treatments to help keep mens wellness in peak conditions. There are therapies and clinics that men can see to help.

What are some of your mens wellness concerns? Have you ever considered googling “mens wellness center FT Lauderdale” or “hormone replacement therapy ft lauderdale” or even “Ed clinic FT Lauderdale?”

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