The Digital Revolution

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35mm camera vs digital camera is one of the great debates of the 21st century. Of course, in terms of sheer numbers, the digital camera is winning hands down. There is not really any question that people like the freedom to download photographs onto their computer, which is also why only about 20 percent of all images taken through a camera’s eye are ever printed on paper.

The digital camera has also played a large role in many interesting statistics that should blow people’s minds. For example, in two minutes, approximately the time that it will take you to read this article, there were more photographs taken around the world than during the entire 19th century. Today, all one needs to do is take a phone out of one’s pocket and snap a few pictures, while in the 19th century, it required a stand and a flash.

Digital camera information can also be loaded basically anywhere as long as someone has a chip to transfer information. A lot of people will use existing lends macro credentials to magnify the lens that they have on their cameras. The information digital cameras store can last a long time, but more than that, it can also add to the quality of image itself.

There are other tricks that can improve the image quality, such as bouncing the flash from a wall onto the model which will give a more attractive photograph. But people should keep at the forefront, when working with their cameras, that the composition is key. They have to remember that the 35mm camera vs digital camera debate is as much about how the camera is held as anything else. It is also about what the camera is able to capture. If that camera can capture the image well, then it will go a long way toward ensuring that the product is handled in the right light. Since to photograph is to paint with light, this is always a good start. For more information see this.

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  1. Photography is always an important element when it comes to storing up memory. Our own memories are largely made possible by photography. That is why I have always thought that we should support making it more available for more people.

  2. Photography is a great thing to learn when you are young. It is one of those things that you can learn by and large intuitively. And it is always nice to photograph cities and what not.

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