The Importance of Lawn Aeration – Rad Center

of your lawn. DirtFarmerJay stated the grass that can be found with a variety of varieties. This is different from our lawns since they normally comprise only one type of grass. That is why that our lawns require aeration to ensure their health.

A number of holes are created within the lawn as a result of the process of aeration. The purpose is to stimulate lawn growth. The process can be carried out by hand with certain instruments, however, it takes long time. You can also use a mechanical aeration device to accelerate the process.

The grass can receive all the nutrients it requires through the holes created when aeration is performed. The holes allow grass to gain access to the water and nutrients it requires to flourish. It also relieves some of the stress that can be felt in the soil.

Each lawn must be Aerated. There are online resources to assist you in aerating your lawn, even if know how to.


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