Three Important Internet Marketing Strategies

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Did you know that 93% of internet users begin their online experiences with a visit to a search engine? In addition, approximately 1,890 internet searches are performed every second worldwide. In order for your website to receive more of this web traffic, several SEO strategies must be utilized. SEO can often be difficult, though, so an SEO service will create basic business plans for your website. By including the following internet marketing strategies in your SEO business plans, SEO services will help improve the online presence and visibility of your website.

1. Content creation. Quickly becoming the most popular internet marketing technique, content creation is used by 75% of all marketers. This strategy involves creating keyword-rich articles and blogs that are used to rank websites higher on search engine results pages. Since 75% of users never look past the first page of search results, this strategy must be part of your SEO business plans so that your website ranks highly and receives more clicks.

2. Mobile web design. Not only should your website work flawlessly on desktop computers, but it must also be compatible with all mobile devices, as well. This is because 65% of mobile users use their devices to make purchases and find local businesses, and mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop internet usage by 2014. By having a website that works well on mobile devices, you will be able to attract mobile users more effectively.

3. Social media marketing. When SEO services create business plans for your website, they will also implement social media marketing. You must market your website on social media sites because 18% of users research products or services using social media, and 90% of online adults use social media extensively. As a result, your website must appeal to these users by maintaining a significant presence on social media sites.

In order to increase the amount of traffic your website receives, several SEO strategies must be utilized. When SEO services create SEO business plans for your website, they will include content creation, mobile web design, and social media marketing to improve the online presence and visibility of your website. By doing so, your website will be able to attract more web traffic.

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