Three Reasons Dentists Need Websites

Dentists may scoff at the notion of a dental website. Many dentists note that there is no need for a dental website in their industry. After all, a dental website could never supplant word of mouth, which is far more fluid and a better way to recommend doctors and dentists. Those who neglect dentist websites do so at their own peril. For one, consumer habits are changing. For another, dental websites are part of branding. Finally, dental websites give dentists a competitive edge. These three reasons should compel dentists to change their ways, or risk going out of business.

The first reason to have a dentist office website is because consumer habits are changing. It used to be that word of mouth was the only way to advertise a dentist. Now, with two billion pairs of eyes on the Internet, there are many inexpensive ways to research a dentist. This is especially true for potential patients who are not well socially connected, such as a new comer. Using dental websites, dentists can target these people.

The second reason to use dental websites is for branding. Good dental website design can endear a patient to a dentist, even if she sees him infrequently. With pleasing aesthetics and ease of navigability, website design can do a lot to advance a website.

Finally, the best dental websites give dentists a competitive advantage. Dentists are a relatively conservative people, for the basic rules of dentistry have not changed for decades. Many dentists assume that marketing does not change, either, and that they can continue with business as usual. Only when it becomes evident to them that consumer practices have changed will dentists adopt websites en masse.

The best dentists have more than one way to reach out to their patients and potential patients. They use dental websites. Dentists should consider adopting these websites, before it is too late. More:

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