Three Tips to Help You Design the Best Custom Flag

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Custom flags are the perfect way to make a huge, dramatic statement and get the attention of everyone in the surrounding area. With the right custom flag design, you can increase brand awareness, promote an event, or deliver information quickly to potential customers.

Regardless of what you want your custom flags for, the key is to their success all lies in the design. Here’s a few tips to help you design the best flag ever!

1. What Does Your Flag Represent?

If your flag is going to represent your company, you’re going to have your company logo front and center. If you plan to use your custom flags to promote an event, such as a huge Labor Day sale for example, then you need to make conveying that information your number one priority with the flag.

2. Choose a Shape For Your Flag.

Naturally, most flags you see and think of are rectangular. This shape can allow for large amounts of room to design and convey your message, but a triangular flag may catch people’s attention more because it’s unconventional.

3. Keep the Basic Design Simple.

You don’t want to make your flag too crazy, or else people won’t be able to quickly process its information. If your flag is for simple company promotion, choose one flat background color that compliments your logo. If it’s for that Labor Day sale, then perhaps you can have a red stripe going across, a white stripe in the middle with text, and a blue stripe at the bottom. In short: keep it simple.

You can get custom flags online, or have they made to order in a flag store. Custom logo flags are great ways to increase brand awareness, and more. So long as you follow these tips, you’ll create the best custom flags possible. If you have any questions about custom flags, feel free to ask in the comments. Helpful info also found here:

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