Top Five Facts to Know About Canadian Small Business Health Plans

Small business health coverage

When it comes to providing health care for your employees, there is a lot to consider. Mainly, it all comes down to picking the best of the many small business health plans that can be tailor-made to satisfy the specific needs of your employees. A healthy employee is a happy one! With that in mind, here are five facts to know about Canadian health care services.

1. Canadian health insurance will usually cover surgery and clinical services. In addition, this insurance will typically cover visits to the doctor, dental surgery and even psychotherapy. As a growing company, your choice of small business health plans should consider these great qualities as you can be on the forefront of providing the best benefits for employees.

2. The Canadian health care system favors preventative care and early detection over reactionary treatment. In fact, yearly checkups are encouraged because of how early detection can extend your life expectancy and quality of life. When you begin to decide your options for small business health plans, remember that preventative care often saves money in the long run.

3. When the time comes to choose the best of the small business health plans available for your company, these services are typically covered by the CHT, or the Canada Health Transfer. The CHT is a transfer payment program that supports the health systems throughout the provinces of Canada. Employee benefits are paramount, here, and you can allow the best with the right health care plan.

4. Additionally, as part of the Canadian health care system, the cost of pharmaceutical medications is often covered as well. These meds are typically covered by public funds, especially when going toward helping elderly or other needy citizens. Your small business health plans must take this into account, mainly because of the potential for good they can bring. Which is why it is surprising that…

5. When surveyed, 33 percent of small Canadian businesses did not see how quality small business health plans could help their companies. That is the benefit that you have by reading this list. You now see how group health benefits can improve the health and mental wellbeing of your employees, making them happier and more fit to complete their jobs. The decision is now yours.

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  1. I began a startup about 15 years ago so I see the concerns other small businesses might have. But take it from me, the more you provide for your employees, the more they’ll want to stick around and build something great with you.

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