Traffic Safety Suppliers Help to Prevent Injury for Workers in Construction

Industrial earplugs

Construction work can provide many with a career with much opportunity for financial growth, that is, if the proper safety measures are considered in order to limit the chances of injury on the job. OSHA reports that 1 in 10 construction workers are injured on the job each year in the United States, and construction workers between the ages of 25-35 are most likely to be injured on the job in the United States. Additionally, an estimated 17.6% of all injuries suffered on the job in the United States, according to OSHA, occur within a construction site. By investing in work safety equipment, and traffic safety supply alike, construction workers will have a better probability of limiting injuries on the job.

Traffic safety supply companies provide a wide variety of safety gear and equipment for workers involved in construction jobs of all kinds. Some of this equipment such as Ear plugs or respirators are not utilized by construction workers as much as they should. Construction workers can often come across dust and other harmful, unwanted particles in a construction site. Newer respirator technology allows manufacturers to offer respirators that are are lighter in weight, and feature more comfortable material. By wearing these respirators, construction workers can work comfortably for long periods of time while protecting their bodies from harmful particles.

In addition, construction workers don’t nearly wear earplugs as much as they should. Your ear drums are extremely fragile, and the loud sounds experienced during many construction jobs can seriously damage your hearing, allowing for future complications such as going deaf at a premature age. Industrial earplugs, found at traffic safety supply companies, are found to be effective 86% of the time in protecting hearing, and the ear canal, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

A career in construction can be very rewarding and enjoyable. It’s important for construction workers to always consider the hazards involved in their line of work, and prepare for the worst by investing in the necessary safety clothing and equipment to keep them safe. Utilizing traffic safety equipment suppliers to receive adequate safety equipment is just one of the main methods that can help a construction worker stay safe while on the job.

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