Types of Barbecue from Around the World – Cooking Advice Now

Barbecue is not a general cooking method. We’ll look at a variety of types of barbecue available all over the globe today.
India is the home of one of the oldest styles of barbecue found throughout the world. The Indian barbecue is typically cooked using a Tandoor. The oven has a circular form made of clay. The oven was used in India since the beginning of time to bake bread and meat. This kind of oven is ideal for grilling. The clay used in tandoors is excellent at holding heat. It’s clay oven is able to hold warmth for up to 8 hours, so a roast is easy to cook with the oven.
And even in our United States, there are numerous styles of barbecue. Investigating the various ways meat can be cooked with this technique is a wonderful method to broaden your culinary perspectives. w5rjpjj6ed.

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