Useful Tips and Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovation

Every home owner has a vision of their own dream house and exactly what they want it to be. Most of the time a few renovations is all that stands between your current home and that perfect home you always pictured. Home remodeling is a process many will go through at some point or various points in their lives. You got to start somewhere when renovating, so let us start with maybe the most targeted rooms in the house, the kitchen and bathroom. Here are five kitchen renovation ideas and tips as well as five bathroom renovation ideas and tips. First up, bathrooms renovations!

  1. One Bathroom at a Time!
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    Hopefully you have multiple bathrooms while doing any bathroom renovations. Work on only one at a time, as you are still going to need use the facilities during construction.

  3. Tiling Sets the Tone
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    The color and style of your tile or wallpaper sets the mood and tone of your bathroom. Choose your color wisely. Warm colors for a bold feeling, soft colors for a laid back mood.

  5. Plumbing
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    Double check all plumbing lines before doing any work. Turn them off when renovating and make sure they still work before installing any fixtures.

  7. Lighting
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    The more lighting the better. Installing a fixture over both the sink and shower is a great way to maximize the bathroom.

  9. Remote Controlled Electronics
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    Here is a wild way to take your bathrooms renovations to the next level. Installing a remote controlled radio or television adds extra entertainment to bath time.

Now on to kitchen ideas!

  1. Plan for Extra Time
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    Even with careful planning, it is hard to know how long a remodel will take, so always allow extra time for unexpected snafus. This is equally applicable to bathrooms renovations.

  3. Create a Temp Kitchen
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    During remodeling, it is a good idea to designate a dust free space as a temporary kitchen. Be sure to equip it with all the necessary appliances.

  5. Connect Kitchens to other Rooms
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    Consider opening the kitchen to an adjoining family room. This creates a great room effect and gives the spacious feeling of an expanded kitchen.

  7. Kitchen Cabinetry Design
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    If you have eight foot or shorter ceilings, choose cabinets that go to the ceiling. They offer more storage, enabling you to use extra wall space for artwork or open shelves. If your ceilings are higher than eight feet, leave 15 to 18 inches above the cabinets.

  9. Maximize Space While Remodeling
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    Not everyone is blessed with a large kitchen area. To maximize working space in a small kitchen, consider an island on casters or a peninsula with hinged, drop down sections.

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  1. Without another bathroom, you could be in for some sticky situations when remodeling. Especially if you have a family with kids. Trust me.

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