What to Expect for Your DOT Physical Exam – Code Android

if you work as a truck driver. The medical professionals can conduct the examination if your physicals for DOT have been delayed. If this is your first time taking a DOT examination, you should know the procedure to be prepared for.

You will be questioned extensively about your medical history throughout your DOT physical examinations. The only requirement is that you are honest. The consequences could be severe if an accident occurs.

There will be questions about the use of alcohol or substances throughout your physical. When answering the questions, it is important to remain honest. The requirement is to provide a urine sample as part of your DOT physical an effort to determine if you have health issues such as diabetes, and others.

If you want to see your weight registered in your physical report, you will have to be standing at the counter. It is necessary to pass an examination of your eyesight to be eligible for a DOD certificate. Your examiner will need to study your eye chart in order to make sure you can discern clearly. Be sure to wear your contact lenses or glasses on for the exam if wearing lenses. Know more about DOT physical examinations through this video. sbwaxtlw9h.

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