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The video below is informative from Thermotron.

But for now, let’s look at some of the essentials of these test equipments.

What exactly are test chambers for in the environment? It is possible to test the product’s durability against specific environmental stresses using an environmental test chamber. It is possible to exaggerate an environment stressor, and also extrapolate the effects of temperature and other environmental conditions as time goes by.

This makes it possible to, for instance, quickly determine the level to which an item or component will stand up to the course of a lengthy period. Instead of waiting for result of actual-world data or the results of long-term tests to come in, you can create anticipated product lifespans faster.

Types of environmental test chambers consist of temperature test chambers humidity test chambers as well as thermal shock test chambers, aswell as chambers that combine test and testing.

This information will allow you to offer more exact specifications and lifetimes both to aid in your research and development and for the benefit your customers.


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