What to Know When Buying an Engagement Ring – Hotels List

. The video below will explain some tips for buying your engagement rings.

Let’s start with something many people aren’t aware of: setting and the center stone are usually sold separately. If you’re shopping for your engagement ring it’s usually for two things, your center stone (usually a white diamond) and the setting (the metal framework that holds the center stone). The 4Cs are the quality grades for diamonds. Here’s a brief overview about the 4Cs. Cut is the measurement of the quality of a diamond that is cut. This affects its ability to reflect sunlight. Color refers to the whiteness of diamonds. The clarity is an indicator of the purity and quality of the diamond’s inner and external appearance. The carat, which is the measure of weight of a diamond can be utilized to provide the measurement of the dimensions of the diamond. Engagement rings, in addition, can be a lengthy process to get. Unless you’re buying a preset diamond engagement ring, the jeweler might take some time before putting your preferred diamond inside your wedding ring’s set.


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